Sale / Returns Terms


Plants are living organisms, hence subject to various forms of shock.
Their rightful owner is solely responsible for their protection against
those shocks. Considering the above plant returns are NOT acceptable.
The owner undertakes the risk and responsibility of planting them according
to horticultural and agricultuiral rules of planting. The owner owes to know
the ways of plant treatment, or otherwise assign a specialised person to 
perform the planting.


Pet food is rather sensitive and may become obsolete if stored
under unsuitable conditions (humidity, heat, in car). within just one hour.
The owner accepts responsibility of storing under the most suitable
conditions and is obliged to be aware of the suitable ways and places
of storage. Returns are NOT accepted.


All machinery are tested before consumer collects them for ensuring 

Other goods:

Other goods are accepted for returns or exchanging as long as they have not 
been damaged or destroyed. All packaged goods are returned or exchanged 
as long as the original packaging is in perfect condition and they are returned
in it.


The company can perform the loading of the goods in the customers means
of transport free of charge. Customer has sole responsibility for the loading
who can interfere in the loading process if under their judgment there is
danger of damaging their vehicle or it negatively affects road safety..


For all returns of goods the company trades customer must necessarily
provide the buying receipt. If the buyer does not wish to buy a different
good immediately, no cash is returned but a credit note is issued for 
future use by the customer.


After purchase, guarantees support is undertaken by the representative or 
manufacturing companies of the goods and our company has nothing in their
between interaction.

Order cancellation:

In case you need to cancel your order in full or in part you may freely do so
with no extra charges as long as it is cancelled before the moment you 
are notified for your order's dispatch. If your order has already been dispatched,
you will be charged for all transportation expenses and you may return
the product intact, meeting the conditions mentioned above, 
on your transportation expenses.