Buying Guide

Saturday 07 May, 2016

Giardini d' Acqua products are:

Made of strong fiberglass and are guaranteed for 25 years. Fiberglass is easily repairable in cases of damage. The polyethylene ponds and simple PVC pond liners are guaranteed for 10 years while the reinforced PVC pond liners are guaranteed for 15 years. All electronic-electrical systems are guaranteed for 1 year.
not painted. The natural rock imitation is created with the use of natural materials. It is a specially developed mixture of resins, sand and quartzes, which is applied by hand on the basic mold.
Weather resistant since the overlaying materials are natural and are not subject to weathering or discolouring from solar radiation.
Non toxic. All products, whether with a natural overlay or not, are suitable for hosting all forms of acquatic organisms.
Can get your imagination moving. The pieces compositing cascades or waterfalls are also available as sole parts so anyone can create their own designs. (See the 'Rock fantasies' section)